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Tracking Green is a unique solution for businesses, corporate consultants, government agencies or membership organizations that are interested in performance and project tracking, data collection, analysis and reporting. This online software environment includes a state-of-the-art survey design tool and can be configured to support management, administrative and sales staff through coaching and mentoring - or it can be configured to track goals and objectives of projects and programs. Calling on over 25 years of software design experience in working with Fortune 500 firms, the team at WujiTech has developed a set of powerful online tools to assist in corporate consulting, staff training systems, sales performance tracking, team building, mentoring, surveys, and database management designed for the needs of the 21st Century. Click here for more information

Online management software system
Interactive activities calendar
Powerful tracking survey builder
Secure email and journaling tools
Advanced data gathering and analysis
Security-first philosophy
Technical support features
Excellent training and admin tools
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Tracking Green is designed to seemlessly integrate an unlimited number of different departments within a company or organization into the overall Tracking Green . This means that your whole operation will benefit from the tools offered in this system while maintaining private teams withing the system.. Tracking Green can help channel resources from one team to another within your organization based on appropriate need/resource matching tools within the system.
There is much more to Tracking Green and one of us at WujiTech will be happy to work with you to see if this system is right for you or your company or organization. Call us at the number below... or click here to contact us online.

  today's date: Oct 25, 2016
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TrackingGreen announces new features!
With the debut Version 3.0 release of TrackingGreen, several new software features are now available to meet our customer requests. Our Survey Builder tool is now much more enhanced and our Tracking Graphs are much easier to read. A full-featured Revenue Engine is now implemented as well. Check it out!

Staff Building and Empowerment
Find out how we can help support your company's growth with the powerful array of TrackingGreen tools. Click Here!

Featured Programs - Success Stories
Each month we highlight a mentor program in our ohana... and read about how mentoring has made a difference in someone's life